Sustainability and environmental protection

Our aim is to enhance sustainability and environmental protection

At ATLANTIC we have been operating in a sustainable and socially responsible manner since our foundation in 1920. The topic of sustainability and environmental protection has therefore become part of our corporate culture. ATLANTIC fulfils the needs of people today with its products and technologies, as well as in its capacity as an employer, without losing sight of the development opportunities of future generations.

We offer our customers products, technologies and processes that fulfil the highest standards. Atlantic is committed to ensuring the health and safety of employees and the protection of our environment. Our corporate culture also includes an open and trusting dialogue with neighbours.

At ATLANTIC we have been dealing with the topic of sustainable development and social responsibility for over 90 years. The aim of ATLANTIC has always been to create a balance between man, the environment and corporate interests. Our pursuit of all elements relating to sustainability and environmental protection is both long-term and entrepreneurial in nature. In our corporate values we are committed to further enhancing our role in the field of sustainability. We offer products, technologies and processes that fulfil the highest product and production standards. This applies to all of the activities in our company along the entire value chain, from development through to production, logistics and distribution.

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