Visions & values

Visions and values


A global market leader for high precision grinding tools.
The vision of ATLANTIC provides us with a clear direction and objective. It reinforces our aim to be the best in everything we do. This, together with our four corporate values, guides our employees in the decisions they make in their day-to-day activities. Our four corporate values are clear and concise. Based on our long, successful history, and enframed by our vision and corporate values, we are pursuing a long-term corporate development, which is shaped by solid entrepreneurial activities and economic success.



Our customers are the focus of our actions.
We respond to the desires and needs of our customers by offering excellent products for solving technical problems, thereby creating maximum value for the customer. Our customers are always the focus of our work. This enables us to create the necessary added value, which is crucial for our success. In order to ensure the best products, the highest quality and excellent service, we want to understand our customers better than our competitors do. This will make our success sustainable.

We value, challenge and encourage our employees.
Respect forms the basis of our cooperation. We trust each other and develop our strengths and capabilities together. To ensure the success of our company on a long-term basis, personal responsibility and a high level of performance from every employee is essential. The key to success always lies with the employees. They make the difference. A good idea can only become a great success through their knowledge, their commitment and their creativity. Our employees make innovations possible, develop successful strategies and provide the company with a distinctive identity. By valuing, challenging and encouraging our employees, we are able to establish a "Culture of Success" at ATLANTIC.

Economic success and healthy growth are cornerstones for our future.
As a performance-oriented company we are committed to increasing its value and securing its existence in the long term. We are pursuing our strategic objectives to make ATLANTIC even more successful. We need economic success to maintain and develop our competitiveness in the long run.  This is the prerequisite for healthy and long-term growth. Economic success is required in order to enable investment in research & development, machinery and equipment, as well as in the expansion of our international sales division. This also ensures we remain a reliable partner for our customers and employees in the future.

Our aim is to enhance sustainability and environmental protection.
We offer our customers products, technologies and processes that fulfil the highest standards. Furthermore, we are also committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and the protection of our environment.
Our strong commitment to sustainability has always been an important factor of our success. Our pursuit of all aspects relating to sustainability is both long-term and entrepreneurial in nature. We not only want to comply with existing standards, but also set new ones. The aim of ATLANTIC has always been to create a balance between man, the environment and corporate interests. This helps us realise our full business potential. Our clear commitment to sustainability will also be an important advantage in the future when competing for outstanding employees.

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