Management guidelines

Management guidelines

Our vision and four corporate values form the basis for our conduct and actions within the company. The Management Guidelines describe the scope of action for management and all employees. A good management team consistently implements and can be measured by these guidelines. All employees of ATLANTIC can expect to be managed in accordance with these guidelines.

Individual responsibility and the willingness to continuously develop knowledge and skills; these attributes characterise employees of ATLANTIC. Mutual respect and trust are essential prerequisites for successful collaboration. Enthusiasm and efficiency are the result of a trusting relationship, on which the sustainable success of ATLANTIC and its employees is based.

Mutual trust, which is characterised by respect and tolerance, forms the basis of our cooperation. Any conflicts need to be addressed openly and dealt with on a factual level.

Setting objectives
The role and responsibility of every manager is to develop, formulate and communicate a clear vision of the medium- and long-term objectives of the company. Work is conducted with employees to develop demanding short-term objectives and to work out strategies, activities and the use of resources.

Assigning tasks and delegating decisions
The duty and responsibility of every manager is to assign tasks with clearly defined decision-making powers, while carefully considering the skills and capabilities of employees. All managers and employees are encouraged to continuously develop their knowledge and skills in order to achieve a sustainable high level of quality and efficiency.

Conviction and motivation

The enthusiasm and conviction of employees to fulfil their objectives is the duty and responsibility of every manager. Managers ensure the necessary transfer of knowledge through active and open information channels, and they create a climate in which new ideas are created, evaluated and pursued, thereby encouraging all employees to use their full potential to achieve the objective. In doing so, the individual skills of employees are to be utilised and their diversity appreciated and respected.

Achievement of objectives and evaluation

The achievement of the agreed strategy and the provision of planned resources is the duty and responsibility of every manager, as is the evaluation of the performance of the individual and the team. Managers coach and work with their employees to develop the necessary adjustments and improvements.

Leadership and role model
Each manager should be a role model and set an example in terms of the principles of cooperation and leadership. A special responsibility for the development and implementation of objectives falls on the managers. They demand performance, cooperation and results and they stimulate employees through coaching, performance evaluations, trust and individual development. The managers are responsible for the success of the company and feel responsible for the individual success of their employees.

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