Guidelines for sustainability

Guidelines for sustainability

Our vision and four corporate values form the basis for our conduct and actions within the company. The Guidelines for Sustainability are derived from our vision and the four corporate values for the sustainability and environmental protection of ATLANTIC, and they form the basic principles to which we are committed as a company. The term 'sustainability' for ATLANTIC means harmonising economic, ecological and social objectives and conducting all commercial operations in an ethical and legally sound manner

Economic success and sustainability
As a successful company, we make an important contribution to ensuring effective environmental protection and social balance. The balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility is an integral component of our corporate values. This helps us ensure our continued success and survival of the company for the future.

Individual responsibility
The high degree of identification of individual employees with the objectives of the company is an integral part of our future success. We therefore expect our employees to treat safety, environmental protection and quality as an integral part of their daily activities and to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.

Safe and environmentally friendly products
The safety and environmental compatibility of our products fulfils recognised scientific criteria. We fulfil the expectations of our customers with innovative products and solutions and we take the principles of sustainable and socially responsible business practices into account at the very beginning of product development.

Safe and efficient production and business processes
We operate safe production facilities for the benefit of our employees, neighbours and the environment and we also develop and improve procedures to continuously increase the safety and economic efficiency of our company, thereby reducing consumption of resources and environmental pollution at the same time. Specifically, we ensure that our production facilities, machineries and processes fulfil all relevant health and safety laws and norms. The same is true for fire and explosion protection, chemicals and dangerous substances and emissions. Additionally, we train our employees regularly on health and safety topics and make sure their knowledge is up to date. In the unlikely event of an accident we manage the emergency as well as the consequences (Accident consequences
) professionally and centred on the needs of the patient. ATLANTIC takes responsibility in making sure that all working places are designed in an ergonomic way.
In addition, our business processes are also geared towards sustainable economic activity. This is based on our corporate guidelines, which specify our requirements in terms of health, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Cooperation with suppliers and business partners

The services provided by suppliers and business partners with regard to sustainable and socially responsible economic activity is scrutinised by ATLANTIC during the selection phase.  Fair competitive conduct and a comprehensible decision-making process in accordance with sound economic perspectives, while taking the various laws and standards into account, are the foundation for cooperation between ATLANTIC and its suppliers and/or business partners.

Management systems for clear responsibilities

ATLANTIC utilises certified management systems to implement the corporate guidelines and to assign clear responsibility at all levels. The implementation of these specifications is reviewed on a regular basis to determine objectives and binding measures. This approach ensures continuous improvement is achieved.

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