Corporate culture


Corporate culture
ATLANTIC is characterised by an established corporate culture that has been developed over many years. We are distinguished by an international presence, commitment, flexibility and constant innovation.

We have clearly defined our strategy and set ourselves ambitious objectives. We systematically perfect a "Culture of Success" within our company. This enables us to promote our commercial operations, successfully implement our strategic priorities and achieve our objectives. A culture of success predominantly involves corporate thinking and action, as well as a continuous willingness to change.

Our vision provides us with a clear direction and objective. We aim to be the best in everything we do. "WE ARE ATLANTIC". Our values and our vision guide us in every decision we make in our day-to-day activities. Every individual employee plays their part in making our vision a reality. It is our collective responsibility at ATLANTIC to implement and promote our values every day.

Our vision and values
The culture of ATLANTIC is communicated and documented in our vision and our four corporate values. We have derived a binding code of conduct from these values, which is summarised in our guidelines.  This forms the basis for the conduct and actions of all employees.

Our guidelines
Our Code of Conduct contains general corporate and operational principles, which help deal with ethical and legal queries in a correct and pertinent manner. The Management Guidelines define our basic principles for cooperation and leadership. The Guidelines for Sustainability describe our basic principles for sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible business practices.

Our management systems
Behind the applicable guidelines and standards implemented by ATLANTIC are integrated management systems and an organisation with clearly defined structures and responsibilities.

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