Specialised personnel & senior management

Are you looking for a new challenge? ATLANTIC offers you prospects

You have already achieved a lot of success in your professional development and are hungry for more. In order to develop your talent, it needs clear perspectives - immaterial whether you are an executive manager or an expert in your field. You are looking for prospects and conditions which enable you to enjoy achieving excellence in a team and which reward outstanding results.

Are you looking for a new challenge? We offer a full range of career and development opportunities for specialised personnel and senior management with professional experience. ATLANTIC offers you new challenges on a daily basis, an environment which rewards excellence and a team that shares your vision and your expectations of success.

As a seasoned professional, you know exactly what is required. You expect conditions that enable you to fully concentrate on your passion, i.e. your job, and you expect an environment in which performance, and not presence, is rewarded.


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